We do other things than sing! On Saturday 6 May a number of us spent a highly amusing and enjoyable evening upstairs at The Burton Bridge attempting to knock down all the skittles. We comprised 7 groups of four.

After the first round Diane Millar, the organiser, started to rachet up the fun. We didn't just bowl with our dominant arm but then with the other one. Some teams actually got a higher score this way! We then had to face the wrong way and bowl through our legs. I found that worked quite well!. The next ordeal was to bowl through the splayed legs of the rest of our team. After a few pints, making sure we did not smash their ankles was a challenge. Fortunately no 999 calls were necessary. A few highlights were captured on Margaret's 'phone and they are displayed here. 

The runaway winners were Glyn, Christian and cousins from Poland.

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